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Coventry Econowipes (1200 - 4� x 4�) are made from a hydro-entangled\, 45/55 cellulose/polyester blend\, for optimum purity in a nonwoven wipe. These wipes have excellent absorbency\, and contamination entrapment\, as well as high strength. Econowipes are ideal as an economical utility wipe for any clean area. - Nonwoven polyester/cellulose blend - Excellent solvent and dilute acid resistance - Economical - Excellent durability - Excellent particle entrapment - High absorbency capacity and rate - Low ion contamination - Packaged in a Class 100 environment - Low linting compared to cotton - Quarter fold on 6713 improves handling - Creped pattern on 6713 improves softness and absorbency - Clean Water Processing Areas - Clean-up Acids and other Chemical Spills - Wipe Down of Machinery\, and Instrumentation - Clean Photo-Mask Areas - Clean Laminar Flow Benches - Clean Quartzware - General Purpose Wiping in Cleanrooms
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