Coventry Wrapped Foam Swabs - $134.51
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Coventry Wrapped Foam Swabs

SKU: 20050
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Our wrapped foam swabs (500 - 2.6�) provide good particle entrapment and work very well as adhesive\, lubricant and solvent applicators. With the most durable head of any foam swabs\, wrapped foam delivers superior abrasion resistance for removal of tough contaminants. Wicking action pulls solvent from surfaces. The small tips on some of the styles allow use in very tight tolerance areas\, while the pointed ends work especially well as picks. - Excellent wicking pulls solvent away from surfaces - Stronger head than other foam swabs - Fiberless construction does not generate loose fibers or particles - No adhesives or binders are used in the construction - Excellent abrasion resistance for scrubbing rough surfaces - Apply Adhesives or Lubricants into Tight Tolerance Areas - Splice and Assembly of Fiber Optics - Dispense or Remove Solvents - Remove Contamination from Disk Drives - Scrub Metal Oxides from Electrical Contacts
Coventry Wrapped Foam Swabs
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